Download & Deploy Office 365 Business & ProPlus

If we need to do local installation of Office 365 to many computers or we need to do it offline then we need to first download the Deployment package and then deploy it using the Office Deployment Tool.

1. Download the Office Deployment Tool, the current link is:

2. Extract it and we have two files, the setup.exe and the configuration.xml

3. Change the configuration file based to your setup

[sourcecode language=”xml”]
<Add SourcePath="Χ:Office365_Business" OfficeClientEdition="32" >
<Product ID="O365BusinessRetail">
<Language ID="en-us" />

At “SourcePath” add the path that the Office will be downloaded.
At “Product ID” select the version, “O365BusinessRetail” or “O365ProPlusRetail”
At “Language ID” select the language to download

4. To download open an elevated command prompt and run:

setup.exe /download configuration.xml

5. To install open an elevated command prompt and run:

setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

Of course we can copy the installation to a USB drive or a network share and deploy using group policy or whatever deployment method we use. Just copy all the folder to the network share and change the “SourcePath” at the configuration.xml.


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