Speaking at Microsoft Ignite The Tour Milan 2020

The Microsoft Ignite The Tour in Milan 2020 ended and it is time for my recap. It was my first time speaking at Microsoft Ignite The Tour conference and I can say it was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to connect with great people, speakers from all over the world, MIcrosoft employees and MVPs.

I was honored with two sessions, one 15 minutes Theater and one 45 minutes Breakthrough. Although I was very stressed about my presentations, it went very well and I have excellent evaluation scores.

My 15 minute Theater session at Microsoft Ignite The Tour Milan, where I talk about how to accelerate your web applications with Azure Front Door Service. Use the Azure WAN, 130+ edge sites with WAF & Layer 7 Load Balance at a global scale. Session code: THR30089

My 45 minutes Breakthrough session at Ignite The Tour Milan, where I will talk about how to use Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS): Design your apps with Elasticity, Resiliency and High Availability very easy, fast and secure. Session code: BRK30169



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