Test Exchange mail submission using SMTP commands

A simple way to test if the Exchange server is processing emails is by using telnet & SMTP commands.

First open a telnet client. The simplest is to open a Command Prompt and type:

“telnet yourexchangeserver 25” and press Enter


The Command Prompt will start the telnet client and try to connect to the mail server. The email server will post a 220 message that the mail service is ready. Now type “helo” and press enter.

The email server will reply to the helo command with a 250 Hello message. After that we need to specify the sender using the “mail from:”comand. Type “mail from: [email protected]” and press enter.

If the sender is accepted the email server will reply with a 250 2.1.0 Sender OK message.

Now we need to add the recipient using the “rcpt to:” command. Type “rcpt to: [email protected]” and press enter.

If the recipient is accepted then the email server will reply with a 250 2.1.5 Recipient OK message.

Now we are ready to add text to the message. Type “data” press Enter and then start writting your message. To send the message type a dot “.” and press Enter. If the message is accepted the server will reply with a 250 2.6.0 message and post the message ID and the email is queued for delivery.



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