New edge subscription in Exchange 2007

To re-subscribe the Edge server follow all the steps. To create a new Edge subscription follow the steps fomr 2 to 5.

Also make sure that the following ports are allowed between the Hub and the Edge servers and that you can ping the servers using FQDN (you can user a host file if DNS is not available)

  • LDAP: Port 50389/TCP
  • Secure LDAP: Port 50636/UDP
  • SMTP: Port 25/TCP

1. Remove Old Edge Subscription
From your exchange management console on the hub transport server under organization configuration click the Edge Subscriptions tab. Right click the current edge subscription and click remove.

2. Create New subscription
Go to the edge server and open the Exchange Management Shell type: “New-EdgeSubscription” it will then ask for filename type the file path and desired name of your xml file it will generate. e.g. c:EdgeSubscription.xml

3. Copy .xml file to the Hub Server
Copy the recently created subscription file to the Exchange Server where the Hub Transport server is installed.

4. Install the new subscription file
Under Organization Configuration on the Hub Transport click the Edge Subscriptions tab. Under the Actions Panel click “New Edge Subscription…” Browse to the location of the new .xml file and click next.

5. Run Synchronization
Now from the Hub Transport server you can run the edge synchronization by typing “start-edgesynchronization” from the Exchange Management Shell. If it fails you can run “test-edgesynchronization” to see reasons of failure.


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