Enable Outlook Anywhere

Exchange 2007/2010

  1. For Exchange 2007 only. From server manager > Feature > Add Features > Add in the ‘RPC over HTTP Proxy’ feature.
  2. Go to Exchange Management Console -> Sever Configuration -> Client Access
  3. Select the Client Access server
  4. In the Action Pane click “Enable Outlook Anywhere”
  5. At the wizard add the external host name, e.g. “mail.domain.com”, this must be included at the exchange certificate or you need to create a new certificate
  6. Select authentication. In most cases Basic is fine
  7. Click enable and then Finish
  8. This usually takes 15 minutes. Look for Event ID 3008 at the Application Event log to be sure that it is enabled.

Exchange 2003

  1. Install the RPC over HTTP Proxy component on Windows Server 2003 fro mthe Add/Remove components wizard
  2. Configure the RPC virtual directory in IIS to use Basic Authentication and SSL. Go to IIS Manager -> Default Web Site -> click the RPC virtual directory, go to the Directory Security tab and disable the Checkbox for Enable Anonymous Access and enable the Basic Authentication checkbox and finally enable SSL.

In Exchange 2013, Outlook Anywhere is enabled by default


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