DirSync & Mail-Enabled Public Folders Distribution Group Members

During a latest Hybrid Migration from Exchange 2010 to Office 365, I encounter this problem. The client has Mail-Enabled Public Folders that are members of Distribution Groups. DirSync synchronizes all members of the Distribution Groups except the Mail-Enabled Public Folders. Also since the DirSync is active you cannot manually add the Mail-Enabled Public folder to the Distribution Group. The solution that worked for me is to create a Mail Contact, then using ADSIEdit or the attrributes tab, change the “TargetAddress” to the Mail-Enabled Public Folder smtp address and finally add the Mail Contact as a member to the Distribution Group.

Now, Step-by-Step:

Lets say that the Mail-Enabled PF’s name is mypublicfolder and the Email Address is [email protected]

  1. Open Exchange Management Console
  2. Go to “Receipient Configuration” / “Mail Contact” / “New Mail Contact”
  3. Select “New Contact” and click Next
  4. Since the we cannot add the same details as the Public Folder, enter something similar just to remember, I use the “-O365” extension like this:
    Name: mypublicfolder-O365
    Alias: mypublicfolder-O365
    External e-mail address: [email protected]
  5. Click Next, New and finally Finish to create the Mail Contact
  6. Open Active Directory Users & Computers
  7. Go to “View” and check the “Advanced Features”
  8. Go to the container that the new Mail Contact is located and double click to open the properties
  9. Go to the “Attribute Editor” tab and search for the “TargetAddress”
  10. Click Edit and change the address to the Mail-Enable Public Folders address, in this case the Target Address field should change to: SMTP:[email protected]
  11. Click OK, Apply and OK to close the properties.
  12. Now go back to the Exchange Management Console and go to “Reciepient Configuration” / “Distribution Group”
  13. Locate the Distribution Group and add the Mail-Contact as a member.
  14. Wait the DirSync to finish a full sync or force it and you are ok.

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