Move your Azure VM across regions

Move your Azure VM across regions

Azure Resource Mover makes it really easy to move your resources, like Azure VMs, across regions. There are some minor details you need to take care to have the whole process run smoothly.

Let’s see how we can move our VM from a region to an other with simple steps

  1. At the Azure Portal search for “Azure Resource Mover”

2. At the Azure Resource Mover” wizard click “Move across regions”

3. Select the source & target region

4. select the resources you want to move

5. Accept the notification and start he process and go to the “Across Regions” option and press “Validate dependencies” button in the middle

6. After the validation, check the Issues column of all resources and resolve if any.

7. First we need to move the Resource Groups only. The move process has four steps, the Prepare, the Initiate Move , the Commit move and finally delete the source resources.  So, select only all the “resources groups” and press “Prepare”

8. Select again the Resource Groups and press “Initiate Move”

9. Select gain the Resource Groups and press “Commit Move”

10. Now the Resource Groups are created at the target region, and is at pending deletion at the source. We can proceed with the rest resources. Select the rest resources and go through the same process, the Prepare, the Initiate Move , the Commit move and finally delete the source resources.

At the Prepare state, the Azure Site Recovery agent is installed at the VM and the data are replicated to the target region. This takes a lot of time, depending on the size of the data but it does not affect the VM.

Sneak peak: You can view the process of the VM, by navigating to the VM blade and go to the Disaster Recovery setting

11. Once all resources are in “Initiate move” pending state, select them and press “Initiate Move”. ATTENTION: at this state, there will be downtime to move the VMs. The source VMs will show down, a final data sync will be performed and finally the target VMs will start.

12. Wait until all resources are at the Commit Move state, select them and press “Commit Move”

at this state, we can see that we have two resource groups, the source and the target:

At the source resource group, the VMs will be stopped and at the target started. Note here that the target IP is not the same as the Source. Your Public IPs will be altered.

13. After the commit move, you will need to delete the source resources manually.

More info at: About the move process in Azure Resource Mover | Microsoft Docs


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