Azure Portal Tip | Virtual Machines bulk actions

Azure Portal | Virtual Machines bulk actions

Azure Portal is a great GUI tool to administer all your Azure Resources and it continues evolving. Here is a very useful Tip. Did you know that you can manage Virtual Machines in bulk using the Azure Portal VIrtual Machines section? We have virtual machines bulk actions!

Virtual Machines bulk actions

Not only we can Assign Tags, Start, Restart, Stop and Delete Virtual Machines in bulk but also configure Change Tracking, Inventory and Update Management!!

Filter out the Virtual Machines needed and just click the “Change Tracking” to have a report off all changes that happens inside the VM, like changes to services for Windows, daemons for Linux, applications and file changes.

Use the “Inventory” to have a complete inventory of all the installed applications of the VM. Enable consistent control and compliance of these virtual machines.

Enable the “Update Management” to manage the Updates of the selected Virtual Machines. Create update policies and control the installation of the updates.


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