Azure Backup Explorer

Azure Backup Explorer is a new Azure service that enables a consolidated dashboard of all backup items, jobs, policies & alerts for all recovery services vaults across all subscriptions. It provides a single dashboard to view the status of all backups of your subscriptions.

Until now, to view the backup status, you needed to open each recovery services vault and view only the status of the backup jobs of the specific recovery services job. Azure Backup Explorer allows to view the backup job status at scale, drill down to all backup items, jobs, alerts and policies and quickly troubleshoot and take actions,

How to use Azure Backup Explorer

Open any Recovery Services Vault and at the Overview screen, under the Backup , click the “Backup Explorer link.

backup explorer

A workbook view will open, displaying a summary of all Backup Items, Backup Jobs, Backup Alerts and Virtual Machines that are not enabled for backup. And all that info is a summary of all subscriptions and locations. You can filter the summary by subscription, vault location and vault and also you can change the time range.

backup explorer

The Backup Items button shows the protection state of the Virtual Machines that are backed up.

backup explorer

If you press the Backup Jobs button, it shows the Jobs by Status. There you can have a quick view off all backup status, like completed, completed with warnings or failed, and also the jobs by operation, like backup or restore.

backup explorer

Using the Backup Alerts button shows the alerts by severity and by alert type, if you have any alerts of course.

backup explorer

Finally the Backup not enabled button shows the Virtual Machines that are not at any backup job. You can view them by location and by resource group.

backup explorer

Read more at the Backup Explorer documentation


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