Add your domain to Office 365

How to add your domain to Office 365

  1. Go to the Office 365 Portal,
  2. Go to “Domains” and click on “Add domain”
  3. The wizard starts at step 1 “Verify your Domain”, press “lets get started”
  4. Type your Domain and press Next
  5. Now the wizard will provide a txt record to verify the ownership of the domain. This record must be added to the DNS registar of your domain.
  6. At this point we can go back to the admin portal untill the txt record is added and applied. Just press the menu button, at top left, and click the “Admin” button.
  7. When the txt record is ready, go to the domain section of the portal, select the domain and press “Start setup” 
  8. click on “Okay, I’ve added the record” to verify the txt record and that all. After that the wizard will provide a list with all the DNS records that must be added in order to have the Office 365 fully functional. In case you are about to perform any kind of migration (cutover, staged, hybrid, imap) don’t change anything yet.

Note: this will also add the domain to the “accepted domains” of Exchange Online


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