Add public certificate on Exchange Server 2010

How to add a public certificate on Exchange Server 2010

I. Create CSR

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console
  2. Go to “Server configuration”
  3. Right Click the server and select “New Exchange Certificate”
  4. Enter a friendly name for the new cert. This is just a name. And click next
  5. Select if you need a wildcard certificate or not. And click next
  6. Next select the services that the certificate will be used and the public FQDNs and click Next
  7. At this step confirm all the names and add/remove as needed
  8. Configure the organization and location information, and choose a location to generate the certificate request file.
  9. Next check the summary and press New to create the CSR and Finish to exit the wizard

II. Install the certificate

  1. Go to the Exchange Management Console, go again to Server Configuration, right-click the server and choose Complete Pending Request.
  2. Select the certificate aquired from the public certification authority and complete the wizard. Confirm that the new SSL certificate was imported successfully.
  3. The new certificate will appear in the list of thecertificates

III. Assign the certificate

  1. Right-click the new certificate and choose “Assign Services to Certificate”.
  2. Choose the Exchange server and click Next
  3. Select the services to assign to the certificate.
  4. Finish the wizard and choose Yest at the promt to overwrite the existing certificate

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